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How Solar Power works

Solar energy—power from the sun—is a vast and inexhaustible resource. Once a system is in place to convert it into useful energy, the fuel is free and will never be subject to the ups and downs of energy markets.

Why Go Solar

• Energy Savings in the thousands

• Home Value Increases/easier resale

• Government Incentives & Rebates

• Energy Independence

• Minimal Environmental Impact

Besides contributing to a green lifestyle, here are some important considerations for cost that can help make the purchasing decision more attractive:


• The federal government and some states offer large rebates for installing solar


• You can eliminate your monthly electric bill


• If you don’t use all the electricity you generate, you can sell the surplus to utilities


• Excess power can be used to charge electric vehicles for free


• Installing solar panels can increase the value of your home. A Department of Energy study found that a system capable of generating 3,100 watts amounted to more than $17,000 of added home value.


Our goal as your solar project manager is to have your best interest in mind and give you all the information you need to make informed decisions about your solar project.  We oversee and consult with you on every aspect of your solar project from finding the right solar installer to setting budgets and making sure the project is finished on time and on budget.


There are so many options...  See how we can help you Go Solar Carolinas >> Get started now

• Procure several cost estimations from a number of reputable solar installers.

• Asses your needs and Educate you on the benefits of going solar.

• HOA & ordinance approvals.

Plus so much more....




Solar Panels first convert sunlight into DC energy

The inverter converts DC into AC energy for household use

The meter monitors your usage and if you make more then you use you make money

Save & even make money while making the world a better place

Solar Project Procurement Services (Before install only)


• Asses your needs and Educate you on the benefits of going solar

• Assist you in finding the best solar installer for your needs

• Secure bids from numerous solar installation companies

• Advise and help secure your financing

• Contacting your home owners association, local and city permit offices and coordinate any inspections

• Assistance in securing your financing

• Government rebate and incentive applications

• Last by not least: Save you time and money!

Complete Solar Project Management (Includes Procurement plus...)


• Manage your entire residential solar project from beginning to end

• Handle all interaction with the solar installer you choose

• Handle all interaction with your HOA, local and city permit offices and utility inspections

• Work with you and the installer to design a solar system to meet your specific energy needs

• Have a set of custom blueprints drafted

• Complete your rebate paperwork

• Ensure your solar installation is completed in a timely manner

Because it is a clean, abundant energy source that frees us from fossil fuel dependency, the federal government has encouraged the development of the solar electric industry to curb our consumption of fossil fuel since the 1970s. The reasons behind this are simple: while fossil fuels are finite, wasteful and ultimately harmful to the environment, the sun represents a clean and virtually-infinite source of energy. The current movement to solar power and other renewable energy forms also advances our nation’s energy independence. See the benefits of going solar below:


Generate your own electricity and become energy independent. Invest in a quality solar electric system and generate your own electricity from sunlight — a clean, silent, renewable energy source with no emissions.


Enjoy long-term solar life expectancy. With our solar PV panels’ 25-year product warranty and an estimated lifespan of 30+ years, your solar system will shelter you from rising electric rates for many years to come.


Create an income stream with the payback from your utility company and by selling your solar-generated SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates).


Tax credits for installing solar systems have never been more advantageous. The federal tax credit is 30% of the cost of the system, and North Carolina for example has one of the most generous of tax credits: 35%


Increase the value of your home and not increase your property taxes.  A Department of Energy study found that a system capable of generating 3,100 watts amounted to more than $17,000 of added home value.


At Go Solar Power USA we are committed to providing high quality, affordable solar energy and energy efficiency solutions to homes and businesses across North Carolina and South Carolina.

Whether you are building a multi-megawatt solar project, looking to lower your energy bills every month for your home, increase profitability for your business, or achieve energy independence – Go Solar Power USA is the right choice for you. With years of experience in the solar thermal and PV industry, and hundreds of qualified dealers and solar installers across North America, we can guide you in getting the most out of solar energy.


While we are best known for large & complex solar energy projects, we are quite comfortable in supporting real people and their smaller projects. We would love to help guide you towards the best solution for your home solar water heater project or small home solar power system. Regardless of your solar energy project size, Go Solar Power USA and our network of dealers & installers stand ready to give you the personal attention you need.  We offer 2 levels of service:

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